The Mr. Magoo Sailing Home Page

Mr. Magoo (right) leads OuiB5 (147), Chance (28484) and a J/105 down the City Front
to win Race 4 of the 2004 Big Boat Series

Not the loveable cartoon character with the Jim Backus voice, nor the Leslie Neilson blockbuster, this Mr. Magoo is a J/120 making its way around the San Francisco yacht racing circuit.

Launched in early 1998, her string of outstanding performances has already made her a legend with the SF sailing cognescenti, who, with more than a trace of ennui, refer to her as "that new green boat with the funny name."

Stay tuned to this site for more announcements and results as we pursue what many Eastern religions consider to be the three higher rewards of a conscious life: mirth, merriment and pickle dishes.